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A + law firm is a team of legal experts with extensive international practice and over 15 years of successful experience in delivering business projects.

We specialize in services for business and private clients. Most of our clients are large and medium-sized companies doing business both in Russia and abroad.

We have an extensive network of law firm partners in all major jurisdictions, enabling us to build international teams of lawyers to handle projects anywhere in the world.

We have gained considerable experience in such industries as retail, pharmaceuticals, medical services, IT, telecommunications, industry, petrochemicals, transport, tourism, processing, taxes, finance, leasing and banking structures, etc.

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Бизнесу в «русских офшорах» предложили ставку в 5% вместо 15% при выводе дивидендов за рубеж

Правительство утвердило дорожную карту, которая с 2022 года даст резидентам «русских офшоров» право переводить дивиденды за рубеж с минимальной налоговой ставкой 5%. Эксперты считают предлагаемый налоговый режим столь же либеральным, как на Кипре и в Голландии.

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